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What do I do if a tree is able to fall on my roof?

Feb 19


How do you handle an emergency with a roof?


The warning signs of a storm are evident: the sky gets darker and more frightening and the sun gets obscured by clouds and the sky becomes cloudy. Every minute brings closer the warning indications of a storm. The wind speeds up and windows begin rattling. The rain pours in initially with some drops falling on the sidewalks , but then it pours down in a torrential downpour.


A storm that is good can unleash the best in you.


Sometimes, however, lightning strikes suddenly and causes the trunk to split in the magnificent tree that is in your backyard. The tree is then forced to fall onto your roof. Perhaps the wind blows a little harder than the tree can bend, and the tree slams straight into your home.

It's not uncommon for trees and branches to cause damage to roofs on days like this. It's not common to see this occur!

Tree falls aren't a cause of death, however, they can be a cause to damage property.

Trees that fall on roofs are among the most frequent reasons for roof damage. If you reside in an area that has trees or wooded areas prepare yourself.


What do I do if a tree is able to fall on my roof?

  • Make sure that nobody is injured or hurt. If so you should call an ambulance right away. To avoid further injuries it is best to evacuate the house immediately.

  • Contact your electric company immediately If the fallen tree or branch damages electric equipment, power lines, or transformers.

  • Contact your insurance company to evaluate the extent of damage to your property. To prove the insurance claim, you should take as many photographs and videos as you can. Clear photos should be taken of the tree which caused the damage. The insurance company must send an adjuster immediately to evaluate and assess the damage.

  • To avoid further damage to your property, switch off your water and gas. This will prevent any flooding, gas leakage or other destruction to your property. A fallen tree can cause damage to the gas pipes or trigger the pipeline to rupture.

  • While you may be inclined to take the tree down in the shortest time possible but keep in mind that it could be risky to attempt it yourself. The roof and the tree are both in unstable situations. It is safer to have professionals do the task with the right equipment and knowledge.

  • To evaluate the extent of damage and safely remove the tree from the home Call a tree surgeon or roofing company in Arizona, or a tree removal service. Select Adjusters will inspect the roof for cracks, damage or uneven areas which need to be fixed.


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