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The Most Important Things You Need to Know About the Commercial Solar Installation Process

Mar 9


If you're looking to move to solar, or are considering the possibility, PEP Solar is here to assist you in the process of making a decision. Our solar specialists from Reno have worked closely with many business owners to offer exceptional service and reliable information. In addition, we would like our commercial solar customers to be sure that they've made the right decision for their business.


We've assembled a useful guide to commercial solar panel installation, explaining exactly what to expect from the first consultation and finishing with the final setup. Our team adapts the process to each client's needs, location and project. There are five main steps.


The Commercial Solar Installation Process

Let's take a closer look at the aspects involved in solar installations for businesses.


1. Evaluation of the site.

Before that, we take a look at the location and the property on which the solar energy solution is to be installed. This is an essential aspect for any commercial solar project as it allows Reno solar installers to devise an elaborate design and installation plan.


To make sure that you're legal to install and set up a solar system on your property, read the relevant legal documents.

Find out how your system will be connected to the power grid.

Conduct an analysis of shade, structural evaluation(s), and both topographical and geophysical surveys.

The purpose of our site inspection is to give you all the information needed to make your project a success. We will try the best we can to ensure the project goes as smoothly as the solar panel installer.


2. Designing the solar energy system.

Advisory Energy Az will collect all the information needed such as the details of your power needs and specific goals. Once we have this information, we begin engineering your system. Initial ideas or concepts are translated into formal designs, which will be shared via designs. These drawings show the location and layout of the panels that will be set up. Permit drawings are required to get the required building permits. Drawings of construction will be available to help design your commercial solar project.

3. Construction of the solar panel.

Construction can take anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks to finish, based on how complicated and extensive the project is. It is possible to be provided with an estimated date for completion as well an outlined project plan. These details will be very useful for Advosy Energy adjusting your business processes if and when needed. For instance, you might need to arrange alternate parking for a short duration or be prepared for a brief, temporary power shutdown.


4. Commissioning the solar energy system.

Once construction is completed, the final phase of your project: commissioning. This is the final hurdle to be able to clear, and the proof that the system is operating just as it should. The system will then be scrutinized by your PEP Solar installer to ensure that everything is in order. We will check the system to ensure that it functions as expected and meets our expectations.


In the course of commissioning, the utility will also grant you permission to connect to the power grid within your region and operate the new system. Then, it's time for celebrations, since you'll officially have your own, green sustainable, and green energy.

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