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Three Reasons why Winter Is the best time to do tree Trimming

Mar 18


You may have read our blog in the past to get a better understanding of why Chicago-area tree trimming and pruning services are essential for both homeowners as well as business owners. In this article, we share four reasons for why winter is the most ideal season to cut and trim your trees. Tree trimming Georgetown has been providing high-quality, reliable removal of trees and shrubs, tree trimming and pruning clearing of land and lots services since 1989. Our services are licensed, bonded, and ensured. To set up a free consultation, contact us anytime during the day.

Now, here are four good reasons why it is important to schedule your pruning and tree trimming during winter.


It is easier to prune your trees when they are not in a state of nakedness.

If you do the work yourself, you'll be able to prune your trees in warmer times. This lets you take advantage of the outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather. If you've attempted this before, then you're probably familiar with the pain of being slapped by branches as you struggle through the leaves to find the perfect areas to trim. The leaves of trees fall off during the winter months, which makes it easy to identify and locate all branches you have to trim. If you are employing a professional to do the job, it'll be more time-consuming and cost you more during the warmer months when trees are covered in leaves. For expert tree trimming and pruning services in Chicago you can call tree trimming companies in your area now for a no-cost estimate.


It aids in maximizing your tree's potential in the spring.

Trees hibernate in winter as do bears do in winter. Tree trimming is more effective when the trees are not in use thus allowing energy to be saved to prepare for the spring growth cycle. Pruning trees in the winter will ensure that wounds are not left exposed long enough to allow for the rush of spring. This reduces injury and allows for faster growth as the seasons change.


It safeguards your trees against Pests

The trimming of trees done in warm weather can expose the tree's wounds to insects, making them more susceptible to infections. Sometimes, the insects carry diseases that could cause irreparable damage. In the winter months, these bugs and the diseases they carry are dead or dormant which allows your tree to fully heal and then begin an efficient growth cycle during the spring. Need tree trimming in Chicago or the surrounding regions? Contact Georgetown Tree Service!


The trimming of your trees during winter allows them to get the most benefit from their growth in spring. It also keeps them healthy and disease-free, and makes it easy for experts to reach the needed branches. If you're looking for the most efficient service for your trees and your pocketbook, you must make contact with experts from the most reliable tree trimming service. Our professionals will do the task swiftly, safely and to your complete satisfactioncall us now to schedule your free consultation!


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