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Yampolsky & Margolis Criminal Defense Las Vegas

Mar 20

Yampolsky & Margolis Criminal Defense Lawyers Of Las Vegas Highlights The Need for Federal Criminal Defense


Yampolsky & Margolis Criminal Defense Las Vegas has recently highlighted the need for locals to arm themselves with a federal criminal defense lawyer.


(March 2022, Las Vegas, Nevada) Yampolsky & Margolis Criminal Defense Las Vegas, one of Nevada's top criminal defense law firms, has recently seen fit to point out why a defendant in a criminal case should have a lawyer by their side. The firm said that the move was to create awareness of the need for accused persons to hire lawyers to protect them as many people end up in prison because of a lack of proper defense.


Yampolsky & Margolis Criminal Defense Las Vegas started by stating that an attorney automatically increases someone’s chances of acquittal. They explained that having a lawyer on one’s team goes a long way in helping set up a good defense when in court, which can easily lead the jury to rule in the defendant’s favor.


The criminal defense lawyers also added that having a lawyer relieves a lot of pressure on the defendant because they will automatically handle everything from setting up court dates, filing motions, submitting and going through discovery, and cross-examining witnesses.

They said that with their vast experience, the attorney would be able to do all that in a faster and more effective way. You can find more information on their federal defense page here - 


Finally, the criminal lawyers Las Vegas concluded by pointing out that most lawyers have close relationships with prosecutors, which could work in the defendant’s favor. They can always agree on favorable settlement terms without dragging out the whole case in court.


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Yampolsky & Margolis Criminal Defense Las Vegas is a criminal defense law firm serving the residents of Las Vegas and the surrounding locale. The firm boasts a team of experienced and passionate attorneys who are always willing to fight to the death for their clients.


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