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Here are the top 5 Reasons Why Your Roof is Leaking

Apr 11



Over the years we've seen numerous roof leaks. We can pinpoint the cause to at least ten reasons. The cause of roof leaks is difficult to detect, however knowing how to spot them can allow you to spot them in the early stages and avoid costly water damage to your home.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

Missing or damaged shingles are the leading causes of roof leaks. It can be due to extreme weather conditions or incorrect installation. Shingles may be damaged by the wind and could crack or even lift. The roofing should be repaired immediately.


It's easy to repair a single shingle , if you've got the proper tools. If your roof is severely damaged, it's feasible to repair it yourself.


Holes in Your Roof

A crack in your roof might be caused by extreme weather, rodents, insects or and a tree's branch that fell over it. If it is not addressed even the smallest holes could cause extensive damage.


If you're handy around the house and have the time, you might be able to repair the holes yourself with sealant and caulk to ensure the seal is tight and fast restoration rapid city sd is there to assist you.

Your Roof is old

Your home's security can be affected by the roof's wear and tear and age. Roofs that are old are less resilient to weather conditions than they were when they were installed. A roof that is old could show these signs:


  • Curled Shingles

  • nail polish or flashing

  • sagging

If you are aware of the age of your roof when you purchase your house this can help you track when it reaches its intended lifespan. Regular roof maintenance can also improve the longevity of your roof. This can delay replacements or repairs to a certain extent. Roofers in Rapid City South Dakota.


Gutters that are damaged or blocked

Maintenance for your roofing includes cleaning your gutters. If your downspouts or gutters are blocked, water has no place to go but back into your roof, either through the drip edge or below your shingles.


Be sure to check your downspouts following a rainstorm and if you don't find any water or debris there's a chance that it's clogged. To clear the clog get on an appropriate ladder as long as it's safe.


Dams and Ice Dams

Ice dams can be one of the major causes of a roof leak during the spring melt. Bad roof insulation or ventilation can also lead to the formation of ice dams. If your roof leaks warm in winter, it melts snow on top. This causes it to refreeze on the bottom and cause frozen dams.


If you're experiencing problems with ice dams that occur every winter, you may be facing more serious roof problems. But in the meantime, hiring a contractor to remove your dams of ice safely and then look for damage to the roof is the first step. you must contact Teamwork Exteriors.


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