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Can roofing warranty guarantees be transferable? A Comprehensive Discussion

Apr 18


As was mentioned previously, the warranty contract is a requirement for the transfer of roofing warranty rights to an individual owner.

Transferable warranties typically have strict guidelines that must be adhered to to ensure the transfer takes place correctly.


In some instances there can be a cost that is incurred when the warranty is transferred from the owner who originally purchased it to the new owner.


There are many ways to transfer warranty from manufacturer to manufacturer and even between different product line. It is crucial that a transfer is completed within the timeframe required when a home is sold.


Did you know? Many roofing companies provide a transferable warranty to their customers on all shingle products. This is something roofing company treesdale PA can assist with.


Transferring a roof warranty

Important information about the transfer should be taken note of:


Most warranties are only transferable once. So, in the event of a transfer, only the second person who owns the roofing item can profit from the roofing warranty. The warranty is not transferable to other owners.

Some manufacturers may charge a fee for the transfer of warranty rights to the homeowner who will be replacing it.

The warranty coverage of certain components could be reduced based on the condition of the roof at the date of the transfer.

To understand the concept behind the transfer of warranty We'll look at the process within an imaginary scenario with the shingle product. This scenario isn't intended to cover all roofing warranties.


Let's consider the case of the sale you made of a detached, single-family house. Congrats! Congratulations! It is possible to discuss this situation with a treesdale roofer.


You're fortunate because the roof of the house that you purchased was covered by an Standard Product Limited warranty.


There are three key things you must know and do when transferring the warranty


Deadlines. Within 60 days after closing your account, you must complete all the required documentation along with a transfer request.

Ownership history. You can usually find the proof of ownership information on a county website or via building permits. You can also use these documents:

A copy of the deed , or

closing documents that identify the previous owner's and new owner's name. They also include the date of the property transfer.

Installation date and evidence of purchase of the product. The warranty on shingles is contingent upon the installation date it is essential that you know when they were put up.

Hopefully, the seller kept the original warranty documentation from their manufacturer and/or the contractor's agreement. If not, you might need to conduct some detective work by contacting the contractor who did the install and ask for an exact copy of the agreement.


After you have this information, contact pittsburgh roofing contractors pa or submit online within 60 days of closing of the real estate transaction.


These rules are straightforward in logic. You will need this documentation to prove that you are the second owner or fourth owner of roofing materials or shingles. and also to verify that their roofing materials were used on the roof.

How can homeowners assist in transferring their warranty?

Proper record-keeping can make warranty transfers relatively simple. After your roof project is completed, make sure you have registered your warranty in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Then, securely store all of the paperwork required, along with a copy of the warranty. It will be simpler for the new homeowner, to complete the warranty transfer.


What if the seller isn't have the warranty papers?

It's possible to transfer your warranty you buy a house where the previous owner didn't keep precise information. Start by calling the supplier or contractor to get proof of purchase. You'll also have to provide the month and year in which the roofing shingles were put in.


If all attempts to locate this information have failed If you are unable to find it, then contact Steadfast Roofing to discuss other alternatives. As mentioned previously, this must be done within 60 days of the conclusion of the real property transaction.



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