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Vermont Provides Financial Assistance to Struggling Farmers

May 23

Governor Peter Shumlin of Vermont announced state aid to farmers still impacted by Hurricane Irene earlier this week. Hurricane Sandy, which hit the east coast last month, wreaked havoc on agricultural producers all along the Atlantic coast. Farmers from North Carolina to Vermont are still working to repair the storm's damage.

Shumlin's administration has set aside much-needed funds to assist state farmers in repairing their fields and paying their obligations. The funds come from the Vermont Community Foundation, which manages the state's Farm Disaster Fund. Farmers in need will receive $10,000 subsidies as part of the funding.

Schumlin emphasized the importance of the Disaster Fund and urged Vermonters to donate to support their relatives and neighbors. Furthermore, he emphasized that this money was grants, not loans and that farmers did not require further debt at this time.

While the financing is a boon to many struggling farmers who still need to undertake major infrastructure repairs, many believe that $10,000 will not be enough to compensate them for their losses. This is why a lot of them are trying to seek out agricultural financing loans that they can use to supplement the state aid.

It's been reported that a farmer from Berlin, Vermont indicated that he would need at least $65,000 to get through the year. According to the Community Foundation, the damage caused by Hurricane Irene might total $10 million statewide.